Day 10 : Argostoli, Greece




I was so excited to be back in Argostoli. We such fond memories of this from last year that we couldn’t wait to see it again. Argostoli is a town on the Cephalonia Island also known as Kefalonia, and formally known as Kefallinia or Kephallenia.

Here is the video I made of our approach into this beautiful beach town.

Research the history of this island here – History of Argostoli and check out the attractions here – Trip Advisor Activities Cephalonia Island

Arriving by cruise ship gives you lots of options. There is a tour bus running from Avalon that you can book a range of well priced tours here – Avalon Travel Service – you can book online or when you arrive. They are about an 5 minute walk to the left as you exit the port and head towards town. 

This should be your major beach day. There are three landmark beaches on this island. We love the Lassi beach also known as Makris Gialos Beach – learn about it here – Makris Gialos-Lassi Beach 

Πλατύς Γιαλός

There is also the world famous Myrtos Beach which often makes the number one spot on Conde Nast’s yearly beach guide. Here is information on Myrtos Beach – it is worthy of the #1 spot.  

The coast is also dotted with tiny beach coves if you prefer a more secluded area you will find several no problem. All of them are wonderful so you can’t make a bad choice. The white sand is soft, the water a gorgeous; crystal clear aquamarine blue. 

First time visitors should check out the Melisani Cave – learn more about the gorgeous  Melisani Cave
Getting around. This is a very small port in comparison to the others on the trip. You can get around several ways. 

Taxi – Directly at the port will be taxis, get a flat rate from them on a round trip to and from the places you want to go.

Tour – Book a tour from the cruise line or from Avalon Tours. 

Motorcycle – For the more adventurous traveler, rent a motorbike from Sunbird Rentals for 20 Euro for the day. The web address is ***Bring your drivers license! If you don’t have motorcycle driving credentials they will only rent you a 50cc bike which is enough to get wherever you want to go for 2 people. They are about a 7 minute walk from the port towards town on the left. 



ATV & Rental Car – If you want something a bit bigger, there is Neptune Rentals where you can rent an ATV, dunebugy or car. I would recommend booking it prior to your arrival in the port. They are more expensive and not as easy to deal with so I strongly recommend walking a bit further past them to Sunrise Rentals if a bike will work. The streets to the beaches have very little traffic so you will certainly be able to manage. Ride back past the cruise ship and stay along this road always keeping right. Neptune Rentals’ website is –

Before you get there stop at a one of the many markets on the way and grab some food and drink. The beach food is very expensive by comparison to eating at a regular cafe or restaurant. Bring a picnic or be ready to pay beach food prices. Also remember to bring your own towels. 

*Mobility Note that many of the panoramic beaches are down a steel hill. You will park at the top, but if you have mobility issues, consider swimming at the harbor by the cruise ship for easier water access. 

Once you arrive at the Lassi beach, you can rent two chairs under an umbrella for 6-8 Euro total. There will be a free section at each beach but you will not have an umbrella or chairs. It’s a nominal cost, so I would just pay it for the small luxury or having some shade to retreat to. I’d also still recommend water shoes at this beach. While the beach is soft sand, it gets really, really hot to walk on. Bring goggles to enjoy the different fish you will encounter and spare your eyes the burn of the sea salt. 

Before or after the beach make sure you spend an hour or so in the main town of Argostoli. It is two streets behind Sunrise Rental on a beautiful white stone pedestrian walk. There is a main square and it is has many lovely shops to browse. The prices here are very reasonable and a great place to pick up last minute gifts and souvenirs. 

I’m confident that you too will thoroughly enjoy Argostoli. Get up and out early to maximize your day.

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