Kefalonia, wat een eiland!



Been to the island of Kefalonia on vacation? A beautiful island and part of the Ionian archipelago. We spoke with Hettie Metaxas Putman-Cramer on Kefalonia. She was married in 1980 with the Mayor of Poros and the surrounding area has been three adult children. She is also the author of the convenient and complete travel guide “Discover Kefalonia & Ithaki”, which we may give away 10 there. Participate and win one of 10 travel guides to the island.

When I first arrived on Kefalonia by ferry from Patras in 1977, it was actually by accident. My destination was the small neighboring island of Ithaki, but because there on the day I wanted to travel to Toeging no boat, I decided to place a bet. Well that was quite a gamble though. I was lost immediately. My husband is from Kefalonia since 1981 and we live on this beautiful island and I enjoy every day of wild nature, beautiful varied beaches, nice people and nice climate. In archaeological area there is a lot to discover.

My husband and I have a book published in 2002 about the geography of Homeric Ithaca. With the central question: what was the center – the city with the palace – Odysseus, one of the heroes of the Trojan War. The Mycenaean royal tomb (1350-1100 BC). Poros in that we discovered in 1991, is one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in Greece for the last few decades. An exciting data, especially now that we have discovered, where excavations began three years ago. Near the Mycenaean settlement

Enjoy the island of Kefalonia

The Archaeological Museum and the Folklore Museum in Argostoli are very interesting to get to the island a good impression. Melissani is the name of the underground lake at Sami . Through an opening at the top of the cave through which the sun shines, you can enjoy a beautiful play of colors on the walls of the cave and the water. And then of course the villages of Assos and Fiskardo in Kefalonia North. Little gems that is pure enjoyment. Robola is the white wine of Kefalonia. You’ll taste the wine cooperative in the center of the island. If you follow the tour you will learn about the process of making wine. Anything In addition to the cooperative state Cathedral Ajios Gerasimos, the patron saint of the island. Argostoli offers as much entertainment capital and there are shops abound.

Plenty of beautiful bays and beaches on Kefalonia

If you’re on holiday in Kefalonia, you’ll want a lot of swimming and sunbathing. You’ll be surprised by the big beautiful beaches like Myrtos , Skala beach with all the possibilities for water sports, Makris Gialos in Lassi or Petani on the Paliki peninsula. Romantic little coves abound. I am thinking of including Foki beach at the village of Fiskardo. But the bay at Atheras on Paliki is beautiful. I myself choose the beach in Skala. It is so great that there is always a quiet spot. It is an organized beach and the European Blue Flag guarantees clean bathing water.

The high mountain Ainos of Kefalonia Island is covered with unique dark den ‘Abies Cefalonica’ and with 1627 m the highest point of the Ionian Islands region. There are walks in various degrees. Ainos Kefalonia is unique in the Ionian region. So if you fancy action really is a must. The views from the top are breathtaking.

Best time to Kefalonia

In June, the island of Kefalonia a large flower. Aromatic plants like thyme and oregano thrive then and bougainvilleas in the gardens provide a picturesque view of Kefalonia. The seawater temperature is good for swimming. Moreover, you can go hiking because it’s not too hot.

The tip to eat on Kefalonia

What could be better for a nice on a terrace where you can eat? Delicious down after a wonderful Buitendag Another attraction is the small tavern ‘Tzivas’, overlooking the port of Poros . While welcoming the port operations with in-and outgoing boats follow, you can get a fork wegprikken. Alain, the owner cooks Greek course, but with a French twist. He is the grandson of the original owner and grew up in France. Hence! If you are there on 6 August, you can still dance along, because then the feast of the Holy Sotiros celebrated in Poros.

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