KAT’s Charity Shop Karavados Opening Day

Charity Shop

Charity Shop.

Today’s opening was a great success, thanks to everybody who came along and to everyone that helped (even the weather was good to us).

Takings today were as follows:

Shop 658.60 euro.

Donation tin in the shop 83.60 euro. Grand total for today 742.20 euro!!

Also we would like to thank the following for donations handed to our treasurer today:

  1. Donation Sheila Skala 30.00
  2. Galero skala tin 85.00
  3. Nine muses collection tin 10.90 . All three handed to us by Sheila.
  4. Donation from Flik 50.00. Given to us by Mick.
  5. Donation from sales at Madeleine Ninehams 127.00.
  6. Donation given by Madeleine Nineham 51.00 (on behalf of Karen Fozzard jewellery ).

Pat is going to increase the neutering and spend a further 750 in the next few weeks!

Don’t forget we are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11am until 1pm. Stock is being replenished all the time and coffee/tea and cake available for a small donation.

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