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Kefalonia or Cephalonia, as you may see it spelt, was once a quiet island with fewer tourists visiting each year. However, since the release of the 2001 film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, the islands popularity has increased.

The film, which was set on the island, also highlighted Kefalonia’s towns and historical sites.

Depending on the area, where you would like to visit or buy in, one of these towns will suit you, as there is a place for everyone in Kefalonia.


Πανοραμική άποψη του Αργοστολίου

Πανοραμική άποψη του Αργοστολίου

The islands’ capital was completely dimolished after the devestating earthquake which took place after World War 2 and the Greek Civil War. Argostoli has been completely re-built and is one of the most modern towns on the island. Argostoli has very few of its traditional features left, if not any at all, due to the 1953 earthquake. These days, Argostoli is one of the most modern towns on the island, with a very cosmopolitan style. Argostoli is a great place for both pedestrians and drivers, as the city is easy to travel around. An average sized apartment in Argostoli would set you back between 120, 000 and 270, 000 euros, depending on the area of the town and the condition of the property.



The town of Sami, is a popular tourist destination. From Sami you can travel to another tourist resort, Lassi, where you can also find plenty of things to keep yourself occupied. In Sami and nearby to Sami, you will find plenty of lovely beaches, the Mellisani cave lake, the Drongarati and Agalaki caves to visit. There are still some of the islands old ruins to explore in the Sami area and in other areas. As for night life, Argostoli is best known for its lively clubs and bars, but Sami is great for anyone who wants to enjoy a quieter night out. Property prices are still affordable in the area. A spacious, two-bedroom apartment can still be found for about 130, 000 euros, which is in a prime area of the town.


Η σικ περιοχή του Φισκάρδο

Fiskardo is a quieter Kefalonian town and only becomes busier in the summer months of July and August, when tourists come to visit. The main attraction for visitors, is that Fiskardo is one of the only towns that was badly damaged by the 1953 earthquake. Many of its traditional, pre-earthquake features and buildings still remain. Fiskardo is a port town, with its port being one of the most important in Kefalonia. Glance around at the port and you will find numerous boats and yachts owned by the rich that visit the island. There are bars, restaurants and cafe’s in Fiskardo, which are of a typical Mediterranean theme. A spacious, three-bedroom property can be purchased for about 250, 000 euros. If you fancy pushing the boat out and splash out on a luxury, six-bedroom villa with a pool, expect to part with about 450, 000 euros.

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